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What is AERA ?

AERA, the Association of Esperanto on the air, is a labour-group of the international cultural association OSIEK. This latter coordinates various actions in favour of an international culture expressing itself in the Esperanto language : yearly conference, literary prize...

AERA acts as a union of the Esperanto programme listeners. It coordinates their efforts and their abilities to inform about the frequencies, addresses and reception of stations in the world, to make people realize the usefulness and cultural value of radio listening in the Esperanto language, to facilitate the use of radio as a means of information for people and organizations, to urge the stations, newspapers and all media to collaborate, to instigate the creation of new Esperanto broadcasts, etc.

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Useful links

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Virtuala Esperanto Biblioteko links to the most important ressources in E-o

Eventoj independent newspaper about the esperanto-speaking community and the esperantist movement
FEL editor of Monato, independent magazine of world information in E-o
ILERA Internacia Ligo de Esperantistaj Radio-Amatoroj (Esperanto-speaking Radio-Hams )

WRN World Radio Network, a network of various stations
Shortwave Radio Catalog very interesting pages about radio (in English)
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