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La Gazeto

La Gazeto, cultural magazine in Esperanto

LA GAZETO is an international cultural magazine completely independent from any political, state, religious, or group organization whether national or international. Its aim is to deliver to the Esperanto community the most reliable information available concerning every fundamental aspect of civilizations and cultures (past, present, and 'future'), which could be relevant to the Esperanto world-view. It also presents literary analyses and fragments of literary gems from every planetary culture possible, including from the Esperanto culture itself.

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This ambitious project takes the form of six 32-page issues annually, all of which have appeared on schedule since 1985.
La Gazeto is published by the Esperanto Club of Metz, France under the direction of Eugene and Madeleine de Zilah, and is discussed, dissected, edited, carefully set to paper, and finally sent out to subscribers in all corners of the planet by a dedicated team headquartered in a tiny village in the Lorraine region of northern France.

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La Gazeto (in esperanto)


  • Vortoj de la redaktoro [Words from the Editor] : essays by Eugene de Zilah concerning language usage, Esperanto ethics and ideology, omnicultural problems and topics...
  • Leteroj [Letters]: Useful addenda, gripes, sagacious and not so sagacious suggestions, questions, corrections, comments...
  • Nia vivo [Our Life]: Reports from Esperanto-Land, short autobiographies of Esperantists, intercultural Esperanto gatherings...
  • Nia tribo [Our Tribe]: Documented stories and experiences of Esperantists around the world for the archives...
  • Ni legis... [We just read...]: Critiques, opinions about Esperanto or national writers and their works...
  • Nia lingvo [Our Language]: Studies concerning ticklish linguistic problems...
  • Ili diris... [They said...]: Short texts from famous thinkers
  • Ludoj [Games]: Always a chess problem and a mind-rending crossword puzzle prizes for the determined...
  • Ni ridetu [Smile!]: Humorous anecdotes
  • Rakontoj [Stories]: Literary access to the morals, manners, opinions from various cultures...
  • Ĉu vi jam scias...? [Did you Know...?]: Short spotlight on notable happenings, new books, intercultural meetings...
  • Revuoj [Magazines]: Interesting notes from other Esperanto magazines...
  • Historio [History]: Analyses of historical events relevant to all cultures, to world culture...
  • Nia kulturo [Our Culture]: Various themes, from belles-lettres and art to social mores and mysticism, from the art of translating to science and linguistics. Also striking translations from the pages of authors who speak to all cultures (Mishima, Rushdie, Kundera, Thoreau, Malraux, Fukuyama, HC Andersen, Clavell, Gogol, Krishnamurti, La Fontaine, Popper, Bissoondath, Eroshenko, Lama Govinda, Nietzsche, Marco Polo, Schopenhauer, Steinbeck, Postman, Remarque, Sienkiewicz, Kafka, Churchill, Brodski, Shakespeare, Czerski, Darwin, Frye, TE Lawrence, Brecht, Caesar...)
  • Debatoj [Debates]: Gentlemanly discussions and disputes on various themes (nationalism, war, freedom, minority languages...). However, La Gazeto will not be party to personal vendettas, etc.


    You can write
    for a free sample copy,
    or subscribe at any time:
    LA GAZETO, 12 sous la Ville, F - 55210 Creuë, France
    29 euros for one year
    + 3 euros for non-European lands (postage!)
    - CCP: La Gazeto 1025 02 T, Nancy -
    - our collaborates -
    You will find a complete collection of La Gazeto
    in the libraries
    of the International Esperanto Museum in Vienna, Austria,
    of the Universal Esperanto Association in Rotterdam, Netherlands,
    the Esperanto Museum in Sant Pau d'Ordal, Catalonia,
    the Center for Documentation and Exploration of the International Language in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

    A variety of books and Esperanto-related items are available from La Gazeto Bookshop.

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